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Philippine Liberica, green unroasted beans

Authentic 100% Liberica coffee! Liberica's almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. Support the recovery of this endangered species, recover a lost piece of coffee heritage, and get the purest form of the unique Liberica coffee experience.

A note on roast: Best flavor profile seems to be at Light-Medium, or City roast level. This crop really shines, with incredible aroma and intense flavor. We were surprised, because normally a lighter roast is missing some elements, but we believe in letting a coffee follow its heart!

Liberica is an amazing coffee for blending. We use 20% Liberica mixed with coffees like Lintong or Estate to really enrich the flavor profile and add exotic notes. It also has a high amount of solids, making great crema in expresso.

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