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About Us

Len with green coffee benas in Costa Rica
Len on a coffee-buying trip to Costa Rica

Our headquarters
Our headquarters in Medford, MA

Sacks of coffee beans from Sumatra
Freshly delivered coffee beans from Sumatra

Heirloom Coffee, LLC is a family-run coffee importing company operating out of Medford, MA. Since 2006, we have sought out the most full-flavored coffees from all over the world, with emphasis on old heritage varieties instead of modern hybrids - hence our name!

Our search began in Vietnam, and our top-selling coffees are still our Vietnamese brands, including Trung Nguyen. Since then, however, we've branched out and now offer our own fresh-roasted coffees, specializing in rare coffee stock from exotic locales.

Though we mainly sell coffee online, we also offer local in-store shopping and commercial/wholesale sales and support for cafés and other businesses, on our corporate website Heirloom Coffee, LLC Online. In the past years, we've grown from a little mail-order business operating out of Len's house to a full-fledged retail company, sending thousands of orders every year all over America.

What makes our coffees special?

  • We love lower-acid coffees that are intensely flavorful without being bitter.
  • We prefer a medium roast (never burnt!).
  • We've also got a weakness for coffees with chocolate or caramel notes.
  • We often find that a blend of multiple coffee varieties is more appealing and fuller bodied than a single-source, so we offer a wide variety of blended coffees, many made to our specification.
  • Finally, all our suppliers must meet our standards for ethical practices and have a good influence on their local community, with emphasis on generous wages (better than Fair Trade wages!) and environmental stewardship.

Your Orders: Shipping and Returns

How long will your order take to arrive? We ship the vast majority of orders via USPS Priority. Very large orders may ship via UPS Ground. 90% of the time, orders go into the mail by the next business day, and may even ship same-day if placed in the morning (EST).

Here's how average delivery time breaks down by location:
- Eastern USA generally receive orders in 2 or 3 business days.
- Western USA generally in 3 to 5 business days.
- Locations in Canada take 10 business days or more if being sent to a distant location.

Your Privacy Is Sacred: Security and Privacy Policies

Credit Card Security: Our server is secured by an industry-best THAWTE SSL security certificate. To make theft impossible, we do not store your credit card information (unless you specifically ask us to on the phone). You also have the option to pay with PayPal, if you are more comfortable with that method of payment.

Personal Information Security: We hate spam and zealously protect your email and physical address. We will never, ever share it.

We do have a monthly newsletter, which contains exclusive sales and specials as well as sneak previews of new products that are only available to our customer list. However, you can easily opt out of this and will never be re-added unless you specifically call or email us to request it. We operate our emailings ourselves, using SendGrid, so there is no chance of your email address being used by anyone else.

Who Are We, Anyway?

Heirloom Coffee, LLC is a family business headed by Len, the founder, CEO, and final word on all things coffee. He is aided in this by his wife Pearl and daughter Melanie, who's also responsible for this website (hi everyone! --Melanie). Order fulfillment and inventory are handled by an elite posse of Filipina friends, including Peachy, Maiden, and Glen, who are an amazing team. We are proud to offer a living wage and a positive, compassionate working environment to our employees and count them as part of the extended family.

When contacting us via the phone (781-391-2255), you can talk to any of us or you can ask specifically for one person. Len, as CEO, is the person to ask about business decisions, and he's also the foremost authority on coffee and all our products. Melanie can help you with any technical issues you have with this website or also answer product-related questions. Peachy is the go-to girl for questions about an order you have placed.

For More Information:

We always welcome your feedback. Please contact us anytime using the Contact form.

You are welcome to pick up the phone and call, if you would like to discuss your order with us personally. Ask for Len Brault @ 781-391-2255.

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Featured Region

Costa Rica's Dota Tarrazu Region

"Tarrazu", like Champagne, is a restricted term that can only apply to the highly-prized coffees grown in one small mountainous region. With your help and ours, our Tarrazu coffee farmer is expanding his farm to the great benefit of the local people, the environment, and the coffee species. Learn more and browse our Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees here.